Shery Leeder

Shery Leeder is past President and the founder of Bravado Designs. Founded in 1992 as a home-based operation, Bravado was the brainchild of two friends’ unwavering commitment to bolstering and enhancing the self-esteem of pregnant and nursing moms.

Throughout her career at Bravado, Shery was keenly interested in the science of lactation and attended sessions offered by lactation specialists to deepen her knowledge and understanding of the physiological, social and emotional issues that accompanied the challenges of breastfeeding.

Beginning in the fall of 2007, she took her interest to the next level and began rigorous training towards becoming an accredited International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). To date, she has completed over 1500 hours of training with moms and their new babies, along with several academic studies connected with the science of lactation. She is currently a resident at the Newman Breastfeeding Clinic and Institute in Toronto.

In October of 2009, Shery became an IBCLC and continues to build a private practice in combination with clinical work. She has since left her active duty at Bravado, but continues to consult with the company and attend trade shows.

Shery lives in Toronto and is the mother of two boys.

“I believe it is vitally important for everyone’s voice to be heard in the breastfeeding culture. As part of the BBIC, I am involved in a two-way dialogue with more than 80,000 nursing women, which translates into honest and candid data that will ultimately improve the breastfeeding experience in North America.” – Shery Leeder