The BBIC is an essential resource to the media and other key influencers, providing fast and easy access to timely and non-judgmental data, analysis and experts. With leading-edge data built from an extensive database of more than 80,000 nursing women as well as top authorities in the category, the BBIC supports a positive breastfeeding experience for all women in North America. The first of its kind, the BBIC is connected, credible, and committed.

To moms, with candid and ongoing dialogue with 80,000 nursing moms, making them uniquely qualified to spot trends, issues and more.
To experts, on the diverse BBIC Advisory Board, providing insights and commentary from the Best Brains in Breastfeeding.
Built from 17 years of experience, breastfeeding wisdom and a stellar reputation among moms, the experts and the industry.
To providing accurate and non-judgmental information.
To the media, and helping you in your goal of creating newsworthy, insightful, original and fair content. To improving the quality of breastfeeding coverage, conversation and commentary.
To helping all mothers.