Your Source

No matter your need or purpose, the Bravado Breastfeeding Information Council is your single source:

Members of the Media:

  • With their finger on the pulse of breastfeeding women in North America, the BBIC is the one call you need to make when investigating a topic related to breastfeeding.  The BBIC provides an intimate look and real-time insights into the current state of breastfeeding, emerging trends, obstacles and challenges faced by nursing women at home, in the office, and other aspect of her life.
  • Additionally, the BBIC can provide quick-turn access to experts and moms alike and commission custom research on an as-needed basis.


  • The BBIC can help you understand your nursing customers.  By providing an insider’s view of her needs, priorities, habits and challenges, you can build your existing knowledge to continue to better serve the needs of this demographic.


  • The BBIC can help you understand the needs of your nursing employees in an office setting and help determine the need for a Nursing Mothers policy, and aid in successful implementation within the context of your unique infrastructure.
  • From conception to implementation, the BBIC’s experts, dialogue with nursing women and proprietary data will help you determine a plan of action that mutually satisfies the needs of the company and it’s employees.

Lactation Consultants and Healthcare Professionals:

  • As the trusted experts that women turn to during this critical time in their lives, the BBIC serves as yet another resource in your tool kit, providing reference information, data on emerging trends and real-time obstacles and solutions, so that you can remain abreast of her changing needs and concerns – and ultimately continue to serve as a consistent and reliable resource.


  • An intimate understanding of the consumer is critical to making finite marketing resources go further, and to develop products that make a meaningful difference for her. The BBIC can help you with this understanding on a one-to-one level, 80,000 moms at a time.