Back-to-Work-Cover-Page-231x300 How a Door, a Plug, a Fridge and a Sink Increase the Bottom Line: Back to Work and the Breastfeeding Relationship
Companies can benefit from a breastfeeding policy at a minimal cost. This survey notes the positive effects on an organization including increased productivity and higher levels of loyalty from employees.
Out-of-Home-Cover-Page-Final  If You Build It, They Will Come: Breastfeeding Means Business Breastfeeding Out of the Home
Nursing mothers often need to feed their baby when they are out and about, and this data shows that where she feels physically and emotionally comfortable breastfeeding, she’s more likely to open her wallet.
Partners-Cover-Page1-231x300 The Man Behind the MilkTM: Breastfeeding Takes Three Partners and the Breastfeeding Relationship
This survey explores how partners factor into the breastfeeding experience, and reveals some interesting insights into this often unexplored, but very critical, component of the breastfeeding relationship.
MIL-Cover-Page-Final  First Generation BreastfeedersTM- The Road Less Traveled: Mothers and Mothers-in-Law and the Breastfeeding Relationship
This survey explored how mothers and mother-in-laws factor into the breastfeeding experience, and uncovered some intriguing differences depending on whether this generational experience is present.