Lindsay Lebresco

Lindsay Lebresco recently transitioned into a new job as an Account Director at Converseon, an award-winning, social media agency in New York City. Prior to that, Lindsay spent almost 7 years working at Graco Children’s Products implementing public relations & social media strategies for one of the most trusted baby gear companies in the world. She launched and led Graco’s corporate blog, the first of its kind in the parenting/corporate space, and drove Graco’s larger social media strategies. These efforts resulted in Graco being named as a “Top Ten Big Brands Using Social Media” by Mashable. Lindsay is also active in the mom blogging community and a contributor to the Philadelphia Moms blog.

During Lindsay’s time at Graco, she became a mom and was determined to nurse her children as long as possible. She worked hand in hand with Graco’s Human Resources department to build their now, state-recognized and award-winning lactation program in hopes that every mom would have the opportunity to breastfeed their child after returning to work. She was able to breastfeed both of her children until nearly a year which took every bit of help and humor she could find.

Lindsay is the mom to a 4 1/2 year-old boy and 3 year-old girl and a dedicated groupie to her musician husband who is also a stay-at-home dad.

“Determined to nurse my children after returning to work, I’ve experienced first hand the importance of being your own advocate in the workplace. Through the BBIC, I’m able to provide women with the necessary tools so they can successfully breastfeed after returning to work.” – Lindsay Lebresco