Lisa Spiegel

Lisa Spiegel is co founder of Soho Parenting in New York City. Her Master’s degree in Developmental Psychology coupled with her experience as a mother inspired the creation of the her own parent counseling service more than two decades ago.

During her tenure, Lisa has met with thousands of new parents in groups and individually to usher them into this new phase of their lives. Over these years she has helped countless women develop healthy feeding relationships with their newborns. With sound and sage counsel she is able to cut through the sometimes contradictory and confusing feeding advice so that mothers can focus on what is really important – the mutually satisfying and nutritionally sound feeding and nurturing of both mother and baby.

In her book, A Mother’s Circle, Lisa takes an honest look at the first year of motherhood. She tackles the numerous challenges faced by new mothers and among other things, poignantly highlights the worries, successes and struggles of making decisions about breast and bottle-feeding. What results is advice and insight into an emotionally charged issue for women all across the country. Her unique combination of information, insight, empathy and humor has enriched the lives of numerous families over the years.

Lisa is the mother of two college age daughters and breast-fed them both for a year to eighteen months.

“As a veteran counselor for parents, I am committed to combating the pervasive pressure, misinformation and lack of support for breastfeeding that exists today. I’m excited to be a part of the BBIC, as a vehicle to provide mothers sound advice and empowerment to make the best feeding choices possible for their families.” – Lisa Spiegel