Breastfeeding out of the Home

If You Build It, They Will Come: Breastfeeding Means Business Breastfeeding Out of the Home

70% of breastfeeding mothers are relatively comfortable breastfeeding in public, choosing to feed their baby whenever and wherever he/she is hungry. Over 20% admit they are not that comfortable nursing in public. Over 30% of breastfeeding mothers admit that their partners are not particularly comfortable with the concept of nursing in public. In fact, nursing mothers want to know, “why are men so uncomfortable with seeing a woman nurse in public?”. Over 85% of nursing mothers would go out of their way to frequent a store or a restaurant that they knew to be breastfeeding friendly. Mothers know that a spot is welcoming for breastfeeding when there are other nursing mothers there, if the location has nursing facilities, or if there is a sign on the door stating that the establishment is breastfeeding friendly.
Nursing mothers need to feed their babies when they are out of the home. While it is no surprise that she would seek out spots that are welcoming, it is perhaps less understood that she will express her thanks with her business. She will go out of her way to select one similar establishment over another if she knows that it is supportive of nursing mothers. And she will happily tell her friends. For retailers, implementing this welcoming environment is much more than simply a nice thing to do – it means business.

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