The Man Behind the Milk

The Man Behind the MilkTM: Breastfeeding Takes Three Partners and the Breastfeeding Relationship

The data collected in this survey, clearly shows that breastfeeding success (from a physical and emotional perspective) really does take three. The partner’s impact not only on the initial decision to breastfeed, but on the breastfeeding relationship overall, is profound. This suggests that not only is education and support crucial for the mother, but critical for her partner as well, so that he is able to offer her the support that she needs. The data demonstrates that her partner is and wants to be involved in the breastfeeding relationship, but that he is turning mainly to her for information. His desire to be supportive suggests that if useful information was available to him and communicated in a tone that resonated with him, there is a strong likelihood that he would use it to further enhance and contribute to the breastfeeding relationship. Further, it is important to reiterate that this sample is a group of passionate breastfeeders. For a woman who is unsure of her decision to breastfeed and who finds herself struggling, her partner – if not very knowledgeable himself – could negatively influence her in a misguided attempt to help her. Partner importance in the breastfeeding relationship is critical, and consideration to the breastfeeding family must be made when discussing this topic.

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